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Andrew Barber is the latest addition to Historic Car Art’s curated artist collection.

Andrew talks to Rupert Whyte of Historic Car Art about his background and influences.

Jaguar XJR9LM

RW: What is your background?

AB: I have a degree in Automotive Design followed by a career in car design, mainly in design consultancies, but also in manufacturer’s studios in the UK, Sweden, South Korea, and the USA.

RW: How would I describe your style?

AB: Dynamic impressionism.

Porsche 917K

RW: What is your inspiration?

AB: I am striving to convey the effect cars in motion have on my senses. Primarily visual, but also aural.

RW: What are your influences?

AB: The image that has had the greatest influence on mytechnique is; ‘Nu descendant un escalier’ (Nude descending a staircase) painted by Marcel Duchamp in 1912 (below). Duchamp has portrayed movement in a series of overlaying stills. The image is monotone, whereas in my work I haveinteracted the primary image with the preceding ‘after images’. The ‘after image’ being the complementary colour which persists after the eyes have lingered on strong colours.

RW: What are your favourite motorsports?

AB: Although many of my images are of F1 and endurance racing, I admire the creativity of the designers, and the skill and bravery of the drivers in all types of racing.

RW: What are your favourite cars?

AB: In aesthetic terms, in F1 it’s Dan Gurney’s Eagle, in endurance racing it’s the Jaguar ‘C’ Type.

Graham Hill Lotus 49

Available to buy in small editions as vibrant giclée prints on beautiful pearl-lustre paper, or high-resolution direct digital prints on brushed aluminium panels, we think the art will enhance any modern room setting or motor-house.