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Photographer Lou Boileau joins the Historic Car Art selection of highly acclaimed artists. View the full collection here.

Lou talks to Rupert Whyte of Historic Car Art about his background, influences and story telling of vintage race tracks.

Monza old circuit banking, shot on film in 2006 is a typical example of Lou’s work.

Monza old circuit photograph by Lou Boileau

Monza Old Circuit. Shot on film, dated 2006.

RW: You are well known as a photographer, but what’s your background?

LB: I went to Art School to study fine art, but quickly fell in love with the photographic image. After spending 4 years studying photography, I moved to Italy as a freelance photographer working on various assignments, especially portrait photography, and lifestyle images.

Moving back to the UK, I began working for various magazines, book publishers and advertising agents, whilst keeping up my personal work and projects. I produced a book on British Actors, including John Thaw, Norman Wisdom, John Gielgud, Eric Sykes, Julie Walters, to name but a few, and today 9 of my portraits are now in the permanent collection of the National Portrait Gallery in London. Since then, I have worked for various clients, including clients in the Motor Sport Industry which has taken me to the far-flung corners of the World, capturing the story of motor racing in my own particular style. I also love photographing for individual clients, who want something a little different.

Paul Ricard Circuit photograph by Lou Boileau

Paul Ricard. Shot on film, dated 2006.

RW: How would you describe your style?

LB: My Style of photography is a cross section of reportage and fine art photography. I enjoy working with a team, but most of the time I like to work alone, which I feel gives me a greater control of the final image. I strive to create an image that is iconic and unique to the client.

Dancing Mechanics photograph by Lou Boileau

Dancing Mechanics. Shot on location, dated 2014.

RW: What are your inspirations?

LB: I have always loved black and white movies, especially those directed by great film director David Lean, whose film’s like – Great expectations, Lawrence of Arabia, my main influences in photography, are Richard Avedon, Mary Ellen mark, and Jeanloup Sieff.

But generally, I get inspired from paintings, music, or just when I get an open brief, to create or shoot something special.

Mulsanne Straight photograph by Lou Boileau

Mulsanne Straight. Shot on location, dated 2007.

RW: Motorsport favourites?

LB: I don’t really have a love of Motorsport like F1, But I do enjoy the story telling of vintage race tracks and races. There is so much going on, it is like one big Theatre for a weekend, the passion, excitement and people, especially such places as Goodwood, Monaco, and Monza.

I love arriving at a circuit before anyone else when it is empty, and then staying behind when everyone has gone, it is quite eerie, this is when I think you can get some amazing circuit shots.

Monza Park photograph by Lou Boileau

Early Morning. Shot in Monza Park, dated 2018.

Fine art prints by Lou Boileau are now available from Historic Car Art.

All images are copyright Lou Boileau / Historic Car Art. No reproduction is permitted.