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With a true obsession for elegant designs, Patrick Redmond is the founder and owner of Rear View Prints. In his pursuit to understand the process and history of creativity, he’s travelled the world looking for craftsmanship in hidden places.

With a collection of new prints exclusively available from Historic Car Art, Patrick talks to Rupert Whyte about his inspiration and art.

Lancia Stratos

RW: What is your background?

PR: I have a strong Art background studying hand drawn animation in collage to doing short courses in Central St Martins in London. Art has always been in my core and its reflected in my current job in Visual Effects.

RW: How would I describe your style?

PR: Since I use computer graphics programs in work everyday I wanted to use digital software to its best effect with this modern graphic art you see now.

RW: What is your favoured medium?

PR: If I had the time I love screen printing but its hard to get down to the studio so the graphic digital style works well.

RW: What is your inspiration?

PR: This all started as a design project in which I was celebrating the classic design of the first lines the car designer would have put down on the page. I was inspired by the iconic beauty of the cars.

RW: What are your influences?

PR: I have always taken influence from a classic graphic design. I feel like this has given me my own style when approaching car art.

RW: What are your favourite motorsports?

PR: I am particularly interested in the historic British F1 years and drivers. Old Williams and Lotus cars have such vivid imagery for me and always excites.

RW: What are your favourite cars?

PR: I’m really liking the 1970 Datsun 240Z or a Ferrari Dino 246 GT