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The SPEED ICONS collection of artworks by artist Joel Clark focuses on the simple, graphic, striking colours of racing and sports cars.

Joel Clark began his career as a vinyl sticker maker working for race car teams. He then went to art college before working for some top advertising agencies. 15 years on and Clark made the decision to become a full-time artist and being a petrol-head from a young age it was clear what his chosen subject matter would be - racing and sports cars.

Influenced by his early career working for race car teams Clark returned to the skilled process of hand-cutting vinyl to create images; however this time instead of advertising logos he created complete images. The resulting Joel Clark artwork is a recognisable style of flat colours and sharp edges resulting in bold, colourful art. Each piece of artwork is a result of many hours of patient hand-cutting of intricate puzzle-like shapes.

The SPEED ICONS collection of artwork by Joel Clark is available exclusively from publishers Historic Car Art, UK.