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Dirk Becker has been creating art and especially painting historic automotive treasures since his college years, which by his own admission “was ages ago”… In fact Becker financed his studies to a large extent through commissioned artworks. Back then using the airbrush.

Aside from his automotive art activities, Becker is a “Petrol Head” through and through. He owns a Triumph TR3A and has been working in various management positions within the automotive industry for the last two decades.

When it comes to creating his works there is lots of emotions involved. “That is part of my incentive” he says. “For me, cars were never just means of transport, but always emotional tin creatures that want to be loved or even hated.” This is reflected in his drawing style. Sterile straight lines, especially those drawn using a ruler, are no where to be seen in Becker’s work.

“I like my pictures to appear a bit dirty and imperfect, just because old cars and racing tend to be a bit dirty and imperfect. I want the viewer of my pictures to smell the fuel, the oil, the leather and the rubber - I am always looking for the perfect imperfection, so to speak, striving for the most inaccurate straight line.”

More recently he got into drawing motor racing scenes which offers him a real huge field of creativity. Visualizing speed and fast movement goes hand in hand with his drawing style.