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Artist Peter Hearsey moved to the Isle of Man in 1977 having worked in London for many years with a major advertising agency. Hearsey became a full time artist specialising in automotive art.

Peter Hearsey is one of a select band of artists whose reputation is truly international. His attention to detail combined with his exploration of colour and tone give his work a distinctive and impressionistic quality. He has been a member of the Automotive Fine Arts Society (AFAS) in America since being elected in 1993 (one of only three British artists).

Hearsey has was the official poster artist for the Goodwood Festival of Speed from it’s beginning in 1993 until he retired the post in 2014. Hearsey is one of only a handful of automotive artists who produce etchings. These hand-pressed creations give a unique look to historic motoring artworks and are much prized among collectors.