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Renowned fine art photographer Lou Boileau has photographed many celebrity portraits from the world of entertainment. His work has been shown in many galleries and exhibitions, including the British Film Institute. He has nine pieces in the permanent collection at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Each photograph Lou takes is shot on film and has its own identity and character. His photographic prints are collected worldwide.

Lou specialises in portrait, entertainment and advertising projects. Clients include Barclays Bank, McLaren Racing, BBC, London Theatres, Bloomsbury publishing and Two Brothers Productions. He works very closely with his client’s, to understand the brief and the rationale behind the story or idea that the client wants to portray, whether it is a single portrait for a book cover or on-set photography for large productions. 

Lou’s atmospheric motorsport photography looks at the sport from periphery, focusing on the wider picture and detail of what happens at a race meeting outside of the car. This is what makes his work different, appreciated by private and corporate collectors worldwide. Historic Car Art is privileged to offer a unique collection of Lou Boileau fine art compositions that will be at home in a wide variety of commercial, hotel and home settings.