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Rachel Shuler, of MTS Drive, is a commercial and fine art photographer based in New England USA.

She came to photography later in life, from a background in graphic design and metal arts. While studying fine art photography in San Francisco, she became involved in photographing the annual Danville Concours event, and it was this which began her love of automotive photography. Her own artistic viewpoint soon developed towards examining each car as though it were landscape or sculpture. She brought her fascination with the abstract to studying how each individual contour interacts with light and with it’s environment. Rachel still enjoys the energy of automotive events and the precision of location and detail photography, however her personal work now focuses largely on minimalist, abstract art.

In the past decade, Rachel has lived in many locations around the United States and continues to work for private clients, concours events and automotive publications. Her automotive art work can be found in collections across the US, Europe and Asia.