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Kate Alger grew up on the edge of the Potteries, in a sleepy little market town drenched in tales of Josiah Wedgwood’s craftsmanship and surrounded by rolling countryside. She had 3 dreams; to escape to France, speak perfect French, and be an artist. 

Her artwork is a combination of this childhood exposure to celebrated craftsmanship, and the result of many years spent in the presence of elegant French architecture, stunning natural scenery and wonderful light. 

She now lives on the edge of the Surrey Hills and is a full-time artist-printmaker (who also speaks pretty good French). Kate Alger specialises in fineliner original drawings, handpulled screenprints and hand-printed etchings. Every stage of every piece of Kate’s artwork is created by hand using old-fashioned techniques, skills and tools. It’s a soulful process and labour-intensive but it’s a labour of love. Kate’s artwork balances her detailed hand-drawings with strong yet minimalistic compositions through her use of negative space. She strives to capture the personality and appearance of her subject matter (be that classic cars, animals or landscapes) in a timeless manner. Kate’s classic car screenprints are a celebration of the aesthetics and craftsmanship of a bygone era.

Kate Alger regularly undertakes commissions, creates small limited-edition fine art print runs, open edition greetings cards and enjoys teaching a broad range of art and craft disciplines, primarily to children.

Her work is sold in established art galleries and held in private collections.